Ziva is committed to providing a safe dating website where Members can meet and communicate with other Members.

With this in mind, please see our simple tips to help protect you.



• When you start to talk to somebody on a site, search their name and image online to make sure they are who they say they are

• Only post pictures on your profile that you are happy for friends and family to see

• Beware if someone just agrees with you all the time, it may not be sincere

• Do not invest your money with, or take investment advice from, someone you have just met

• Only communicate through the site until you know someone

• Do not reveal any financial details until you are 100% confident of somebody

• Being cancelled occasionally is normal but If somebody keeps cancelling dates, this could indicate that this is actually a financial & emotional scam and not a true relationship

• If you are asked for money, say no, unless there is irrefutable proof that the request is legitimate, and you will get your money back: consult a solicitor if necessary

• Do not be emotionally blackmailed into providing a compromising picture – if someone likes you they will respect your right to say no



• When you arrange a date, choose a place that you know. If your date chooses the location, make sure that it is somewhere public – do not be pressured into leaving the public area

• Let your safety person know when you are home safely

• Make your own way to the date and make sure you have arranged a safe way to get home. Do not feel obliged or pressured to travel with your date

• Take responsibility for yourself: be aware of how much you are drinking and stay in control

• When you go on a date make sure you tell a family member or a friend who you are meeting and where you are going

• Check in during the date with that person so they know you are OK, it also shows the person you are with that you are not alone

• If, during a date, you feel uncomfortable for any reason, it is acceptable to make your excuses and leave

• Listen to friends about doubts, they often pick up signals you don’t

• Beware if your new partner wants all your time or makes disparaging remarks about your friends & family: they may be trying to separate you from them