About Ziva

Welcome to Ziva Dating, the only dating site for people who want a relationship with all the usual elements of intimacy, affection, closeness & friendship but do not want to have sex.

Many people do not want, or cannot have, a physical relationship whether due to medical, psychological, religious, cultural or other reasons – Ziva provides an opportunity for you to meet and form close & romantic relationships. Everyone has a story but with the pressure of sex removed, there will be no need for any awkward confessions when you finally meet.

It may be that you want a sexual relationship in the future, just not right now, and Ziva gives you the opportunity to meet someone to begin this journey with.

Ziva is building a community of like-minded people who believe in love, intimacy, closeness & affection: it gives you a platform to discuss relevant topics with each other, take part in competitions, share date ideas and much more. Our Community is a pressure free environment where your views and thoughts will be welcomed and valued.

Ziva is a dating community for all those that want to form loving, caring and close relationships without the ultimate physical element.

Meet the Founder

Alison Froud

My name is Alison and I am excited to welcome you to Ziva Dating. A while ago, I decided to join a dating site to meet someone for a meaningful relationship: I had never tried online dating before and I was scared but excited to see how things would turn out. Unfortunately, the experience was not what I expected: most of the people who contacted me were not interested in me at all, they only wanted hook-ups and casual flings. The approaches made me feel undervalued and cheap, at times I felt hunted like a piece of meat rather than a real person looking for love. The responses made it quite clear what they wanted, the problem was, I had no interest it!

I started to wonder: where do you go if you want an intimate, emotional & intellectual relationship without a physical element? I soon realised that there wasn’t an online dating site for people, like me, that had no interest in a sexual relationship and the idea for Ziva was born.


Ziva’s Mission

At the heart of Ziva is the belief that everyone has the right to date safely without being pestered for a physical relationship. Everyone on the site has the same belief, for whatever reason, and no-one will devalue or intimidate another.

Ziva strives to provide a safe environment for individuals to meet and take part in the community discussions. To this end, Ziva will manage the site and remove anyone who pesters, insults or harasses another member. Members are encouraged to report anyone who’s behaviour is unacceptable.

How Ziva Works

Ziva matches people using an algorithm. The Algorithm works by placing a percentage on each question within each of the three stages of the sign-up process: about you, about your date and your lifestyle. Based on these percentages, Ziva will suggest potential dates with the same interests & requirements as you: with those with the most matches suggested first.

From time to time, new questions will be introduced to the sign up process and the algorithm percentages will be amended to reflect the new questions. At present the percentages are equal across each section but this can be changed if required.